Colic is the result of trapped wind and reflux is a physical condition where the sphincter between the stomach and the oesophagus is loose and allows regurgitation of the stomach contents back into the oesophagus. The stomach contents are acidic so this causes discomfort for the baby. Reflux babies often vomit a lot even between feeds and they are sometimes fussy feeders due to their discomfort – they can also be slow to gain weight. Babies can also suffer from silent reflux where they don’t vomit so much but gulp the regurgitation back down. This can also mean they take in more air which can lead to colic symptoms. For these babies the reflux is a symptom of colic.  Some babies are unfortunate enough to suffer from both reflux and colic and it can also be hard to tell the difference between the two conditions.

Many reflux symptoms can be eased with our Willby’s mix as it reduces the gas pressure. In severe reflux cases a doctor prescribed reflux medication may be used but only if absolutely necessary.