How long will I need to use Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix?2018-08-01T12:42:00+10:00

As long as you follow the correct dosage, it is safe to use the mix for as long as the colic symptoms persist. We advise that, after two to three bottles, try missing a dose here and there to test if the colic has abated. If the symptoms worsen, return to the four times a day dosage. We will consistently monitor your baby’s weight gains so that we can adjust dosages when necessary. Do not use other colic remedies with Willby’s without checking with us first.

Also please remember that the combination of Willby’s and Qiara usually results in a shorter colic journey.

How do I purchase Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix?2018-08-01T12:40:25+10:00

The initial contact is to call 1300794232 to go through the consultation. The mix is preservative free so is made fresh for every baby. It can be collected from Croydon Priceline Pharmacy in Croydon in Melbourne, couriered or express posted nationally.

How old does my baby have to be to take Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix?2018-08-01T12:38:47+10:00

Age is less important than weight and the majority of babies can take the mix as soon as symptoms appear. We will take you through a comprehensive consultation regarding your baby’s symptoms and medical history so we can tailor the dose to your baby’s needs.

Are there side effects associated with Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix?2018-08-01T12:37:42+10:00

None of the possible “side-effects” are harmful – in fact some are beneficial.

Many mums report that their babies sleep a lot more when taking the mix. In part this is “catch-up” sleep but your baby will also be more relaxed so should sleep better. There are no actual sedatives in the mix.

You may notice an initial decrease in the number of your baby’s bowel movements. This is usually transient and should not be viewed as constipation.

Some babies may vomit more than usual which may be due to the taste or consistency of the mix. Moving the dose to mid feed usually corrects this.

Very occasionally your baby may become flushed in the face. This will not last long and is easily solvable so, if you are concerned, please call us for dosage advice.

Will burping help to relieve colic?2018-08-01T12:37:07+10:00

The short answer is no because burping releases air out of the stomach. The pain of colic is caused by trapped air much lower down in the colon of the digestive system.

Burping is beneficial to relieve tummy gas but regularly patting your baby on the back for twenty minutes trying to get a burp out is a waste of your time and your baby’s sleeping time.

If air bubbles in the tummy are not in the right place no amount of encouragement will get them out!

What if my baby has a pre-existing medical condition?2018-08-22T10:56:20+10:00

This will be covered in the consultation. Babies with Down Syndrome are especially sensitive to one of the ingredients and babies with certain liver, kidney and heart conditions may need to avoid the mix or be given a reduced dose.

Paralytic ileus, urinary retention and tachycardia are conditions where the mix should not be used at all.

How do I know if my baby has colic?2018-08-01T12:29:11+10:00

Colic used to be diagnosed many ways including “purple crying” – when babies cried for more than three hours a day for three days a week for three weeks.

Don’t wait that long! Colic can be characterized by a combination of some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Clenched fists, drawing hands towards the chest, red in the face
  • Arching the back and stiffening through the midsection.
  • Crying and not settling by usual means such as feeding, cuddling
  • Gassy and bloated and farting a lot
  • Grunting, wriggling and squirming including during sleep
  • Random screaming as if in pain
What causes colic?2018-08-01T12:29:38+10:00

We believe colic is the result of immature gut. Babies are born without digestive bacteria and this takes time to develop. Undigested milk ferments and forms gas which gets trapped in the lower bowel and causes cramping pain as the baby tries to squeeze the gas out.

40% of babies will suffer colic symptoms in their first weeks of life and this goes up to 70% after a Caesar birth where the lack of fluid exchange in the birth canal and the use of antibiotics also compromise digestive development.

How long will my baby suffer from colic?2018-08-01T12:30:16+10:00

Every baby is different when it comes to this question – it can be weeks or months depending on the baby. The use of our recommended probiotic –Qiara- to encourage the development of gut flora significantly reduces the time a baby suffers from colic symptoms.

On average the combination treatment corrects colic in 4-6 weeks.

Does breastfeeding help or prevent colic?2018-08-01T12:30:52+10:00

Latest studies appear to show no difference in colic rates between breastfed and bottle fed babies.

Can overfeeding make colic worse?2018-08-01T12:31:22+10:00

Because colic is caused by immature gut, overfeeding and feeding too often can worsen colic symptoms by placing more strain on the baby’s immature digestive system. We recommend at least three hours between feeds. Cluster feeding can also be a problem as babies tend to get too much of the lactose rich foremilk and not enough of the nutrient rich hind milk.

Why is Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix Different to other colic products?2018-08-01T12:31:53+10:00

Our mix contains a different mix of ingredients to commercial products. It is freshly made for each baby and contains no preservatives. The dose is customized to the individual weight and age of each baby. Doses may change as the baby grows and puts on weight.

Even more importantly, we back up our product with an advice and support service for your entire colic journey.

Why do I need a consultation before I can order the mix?2018-08-01T12:33:16+10:00

We need to establish that your baby does indeed have colic and establish some medical history of both you and your baby. There are some medical contra-indications for use of the mix. We also need to know your baby’s weight and age so we can customise the dose. Pharmacy regulations also mean a pharmacist must oversee the supply of the mix.

If your baby also has reflux some reflux medications can be used with Willby’s and some cannot.

What is the difference between colic and reflux and how do I know which one my baby has?2018-08-01T12:34:15+10:00

Colic is the result of trapped wind and reflux is a physical condition where the sphincter between the stomach and the oesophagus is loose and allows regurgitation of the stomach contents back into the oesophagus. The stomach contents are acidic so this causes discomfort for the baby. Reflux babies often vomit a lot even between feeds and they are sometimes fussy feeders due to their discomfort – they can also be slow to gain weight. Babies can also suffer from silent reflux where they don’t vomit so much but gulp the regurgitation back down. This can also mean they take in more air which can lead to colic symptoms. For these babies the reflux is a symptom of colic.  Some babies are unfortunate enough to suffer from both reflux and colic and it can also be hard to tell the difference between the two conditions.

Many reflux symptoms can be eased with our Willby’s mix as it reduces the gas pressure. In severe reflux cases a doctor prescribed reflux medication may be used but only if absolutely necessary.

Can Willby’s be used to treat reflux?2018-08-01T12:35:33+10:00

Reflux medications ordered by the doctor do not help the vomiting but they make the stomach contents less acidic so relieve some of the discomfort of reflux. One of the ingredients in the mix acts as an antacid so Willby’s can help alleviate reflux symptoms and the mix works well in babies suffering from both reflux and colic.

Why should I use a probiotic?2018-08-01T12:36:30+10:00

Probiotics build digestive flora so help to mature the gut at a faster rate than natural development. The combination of a probiotic and Willby’s mean that  the underlying cause is being treated plus Willby’s provides symptomatic relief  to immediately relieve the pain of colic.

Qiara, our recommended probiotic, contains the strain of probiotic naturally occurring in breast milk so it seeds the gut to start  building your baby’s digestive system. The breastfeeding Qiara is taken by both mum and baby and Qiara Infant is recommended for bottle fed babies.

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