We believe natural ingredients are the best and most effective treatments for baby colic. Below are the ingredients used in Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix as well as a description of how they work to ultimately relieve colic symptoms.

Botanic name: Anethum graveolens as Dill Water BPC 1973

Serves to expel wind and pains of colic. It also helps to prevent gas formation and is a natural relaxant.

With multiple uses from medicinal purposes to cooking, dill oil is truly a versatile herb. Often used as a flavour enhancer in foods, dill oil is also commonly used in natural remedies to support digestion and overall gastrointestinal health while providing important antioxidants to the body. Dill oil is used in our mix to relieve the pains of colic by preventing the formation of gas pockets in the baby’s digestive system whilst also functioning as a natural relaxant.

Did you know: Romans typically applied dill oil before battle because of its calming properties that reduce nervousness and stress.

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