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Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix

We have been making this product for many years and have successfully relieved colic symptoms in thousands of babies 

No More Tears Colic Relief

Our book is a practical guide for new mums struggling to deal with an unsettled baby. We discuss a wide variety of solutions including nutrition, lifestyle and natural solutions for distressed newborns.

Qiara Probiotics Mother and Baby

Qiara Adult is taken by mums during pregnancy while lactating to suppress the bacteria that causes mastitis and also inhibits the development of Staphylococcus and Clostridia. Taken for the first 12 mths of breastfeeding, it helps to lay the foundations for healthy infant development, digestive function and nervous system and immune function. 

Qiara Probiotics Infant

Qiara Infant is designed for supplementation of bottle fed babies who do not receive direct probiotics contained in breast milk. It serves the same purpose as Adult Qiara but is given directly to the baby via bottle feeding. It can also be given to breastfed colicky babies to hasten the maturity of the digestive system.


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