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These are just some of the testimonials sent to us by grateful Willby’s mums.


“I found out about Willby’s Colic Mix from a trusted midwife. Our baby boy was suffering bravely through terrible digestive
discomfort from just a couple of weeks old. Through a regimen of conscientious burping and Willby’s Colic Mix before breast feeds he
became a different baby. He was no longer being woken up by pain, was generally more settled and we were all much, much happier
(and better rested!) Receiving the mixture in the mail was also a great help with a newborn.”
Kat (Toorak – Melbourne)

I wish I had the words to describe how wonderful this mix truly is. We have a completely different baby to what we had been experiencing 2 weeks prior to trying your remedy. Zoe is one happy little girl feeding and sleeping better & mum and dad feeling a lot more refreshed too! The results were almost instant for us! It really is “liquid gold”….Couldn’t thank you enough.

It has absolutely changed our lives! Marvellous! She is the most happiest and content we have ever seen her. Thank you!


Oh my gosh! It’s amazing watching her being able to eat and sleep without vomiting up the whole feed or grunting in pain. She has been so much more settled after just 1 dose that she had had 2 decent sleeps in her cot which hasn’t happened since she was 2 weeks old, Thank you so much for your help, it has made such a difference already.

Blake is a different baby! She’s amazing! I have been singing your praises all over the place. I’ve also been doing the Qiara powder with breastmilk as well as me taking it. Thanks again, I’m rapt!

The mix is liquid gold!! Thank you so much. It was instant relief for Remy and she’s been fine since we saw you. Thank you so very much.

Your mix has been great for Madison. She was never a screamer but just so wriggly and appeared uncomfortable ay night. The first night aftertrying the mix I’ve never seen her lie so peacefully somewhere that wasn’t my arms. In comparison at her 2am feed just last night I didn’t give her any and she was windy and restless till 6am. I won’t be forgetting a night dose again! Thank you!

Since starting the colic relief mix there has been a huge improvement in my baby. I am very happy thank you.

The colic mix is fantastic! He hasn’t raised his legs to his chest once since he started it. He still hasn’t extended his nights sleep, but he goes back to sleep after the night feeds so much quicker as he is more rested which is such a help to me.

Your mix is amazing! It has really helped Archie so much. He is a lot more settled and is using his bowels regularly now and crying has died out immensely. A big thank you!

Your mix is amazing! It has really helped Archie so much. He is a lot more settled and is using his bowels regularly now and crying has died out immensely. A big thank you!

Willby’s has worked absolute wonders! Keeping up with the two main episodes just in case! Very happy with the results. It’s great to see a happy baby!

We are unbelievably thrilled and thankful for your product. We have had a very upset and crying little boy become a calm and happy little one. Our whole family is so thankful and appreciative.!

We have seen a massive improvement since starting the mix. He was worst during the night while trying to sleep as he would wake up screaming until he had passed the gas. He is so much happier now. Our first night on Willby’s we got a 6.5 hour block and last night we got a 7 hour block of sleep. Before Willby’s he would wake every hour or two from wind pain. We will definitely be back for another bottle as it has helped so much! Big thanks for making our little boy Gordon and us much happier.

This stuff is amazing. She has been a completely different baby. It took two days to kick in but she is no longer scrunching her legs up or having episodes where she is crying. Her bottles have spaced out to 5-6 hours (she was demanding a bottle every 3 hours because of the pain). She even slept through the night on Saturday night. I could cry I am so relieved. I woke up Sunday morning thinking something had happened to her and she was sleeping comfortably in her crib. I couldn’t believe it. Please god, keep that stuffcoming!

The Willby’s mixture is the best money I’ve ever spent!! My little boy has been a new baby since we started it! He’s relaxing more and more each feed and so much easier to settle. I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!! It’s not only improved my little boy it’s helped our whole family because we’re now all getting the rest we need without an unhappy crying baby! Really is liquid gold!

Your “Magic Potion” has been a godsend for us! We have a totally different baby, so we are very happy with the mixture – thanks!!

We are unbelievably thrilled and thankful for your product. We have had a very upset and constantly crying little boy become a calm and happy little one. Our whole family is so thankful and appreciative!!

It’s been working amazingly! I have a different baby! I’m still figuring out the best times of day to give her some but I’ve almost worked it out. It’s a life changer, I’ll definitely be ordering more when this bottle is done, thanks!

Chloe is so much better. She sleeps longer during the day and is a lot less uncomfortable at night. The crying and discomfort have eased down heaps. We are very happy with the mix and I will definitely be purchasing more. Thanks so much for the advice and for this great colic mix.

Your mix has definitely helped our baby and saved our sanity – I cannot believe the difference. I have given a review on your FB page and also shared your page. I took my baby to the doctor and was told babies cry now. My baby does not cry hardle ever and is very happy.

Thank you for your follow up. Little Oscar is doing so much better! He is not crying and fussing on the breast and he is happy to go straight back in his bassinette after feeds during the night (previously he would grunt and kick and squirm from 3am onwards).He burps well and will happily lay under his pal gym now, giving my back much needed rest. I will 100% be reordering and will recommend to my mum friends with little babies.

I’m excited to say we are off the colic mix! It’s been a life saver. Couldn’t speak more highly of you, your team or your product! Thanks so much for your help over that challenging period.

Thank you so much. We noticed the change after the first feed! And it has been amazing ever since. We have been using it for 3 days now and she’s back to our settled happy baby! We can’t thank you enoough.

The colic mix has really helped our baby who was struggling to pass wind at night. She now settles within minutes after feeding at night and is sleeping for longer. Thanks.

Just wanted to give my utmost thanks to you all for the fabulous product that is Willby’s!! I don’t know how we would have gotten through the last 3 months without it. We have just trialled Hudson without it for the last 3 days and he’s doing really well so we think we will no longer require your services. Safe to say that I’ll definitely be singing your praises to everybody with a newborn.

We only got the mixture yesterday (Darwin post is slow) but we have already noticed a huge change! No crying at all last night and so much easier to get to sleep. We are very happy and relieved so far. Thank you!

It’s fantastic! Your colic mix has been a godsend. He had his 6 week old shots the other day and even with some of the side effects from the needles he was still happier than he has ever been because of your mix.

Baby Ned has settled considerably since starting your mix last Friday. He is much more settled and sleeping a lot better during the evening. I am so grateful for being recommended to give you guys a call. Would definitely recommend to others too.

The Willby’s mix has improved Archer’s wind considerably! His sleep is improving and he’s easier to settle for bed in the evening. Thanks again for your advice.

We had immediate relief with her burping. Passing wind and poos eventually came along as well. It’s incredible. She still has her moments but nothing like before. She also did her first 3 hour sleep in the bassinet yesterday which she hasn’t done since she was a week old as she would be so uncomfortable lying flat. So we are beyond happy to have found the mixture. Thank you very much.

My baby is a new boy as soon as he took the first 3mls! Your stuff is like magic and I can’t stop telling everyone. I’ve found in the last couple of days I’ve only had to give it to him 3 times. He also seems to like the flavour. It’s like we have a new baby and our whole house is so much happier.

I am so grateful for your mix. My little man was screaming for hours on end in agony. After only a few doses he is a different baby. He no longer has the sound of demons in his belkly nor does he scream. Thank you for your product.

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