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Infant colic is a painful condition that affects babies within their first three months of life. It causes unexplained uncontrollable crying for hours at a time.
Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix is a unique herbal product made by our professional team. We have been making this product for many years and thousands of successful bottles tell us that it works to relieve colic symptoms in 90% of babies.
I have interviewed a number of leading baby health care experts to gain their insights into the causes of and treatments for baby colic. They share many years of experience and offer behavioural and nutritional advice and their thoughts on Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix. This is not a text book – it is full of practical tips to ease the pain of colic for babies and ease the anxiety for mums.
During my research for my book “No More Tears Colic Relief” I came across many theories for the cause of baby colic. There is no definitive answer but one of the theories supported by many of the baby health professionals I interviewed was that colic was the result of an immature gut.
So, many babies are just incapable of digesting all the milk flowing down their digestive tracts.
But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
“I found out about Willby’s Colic Mix from a trusted midwife. Our baby boy was suffering bravely through terrible digestive discomfort from just a couple of weeks old. Through a regimen of conscientious burping and Willby’s Colic Mix before breast feeds he became a different baby. He was no longer being woken up by pain, was generally more settled and we were all much, much happier (and better rested!) Receiving the mixture in the mail was also a great help with a newborn.”
Kat (Toorak – Melbourne)
“My friend’s sister-in-law told me about Willby’s Colic Mix after I had tried everything. My son was crying constantly for 2-3 days. 3-4 days after starting him on the mix, the irritability was gone completely and never returned. I then used it for my second child and could hear it working from the first dose. I noticed that his wind cleared completely after 1-2 days and hasn’t returned.
Amy (Hampton Pk – Melbourne)
“Our daughter was crying in pain and hysterical from 10pm – 4am every night since she came home from hospital. I was told by most people that babies just cry. We tried everything. Thankfully we were eventually told about Willby’s Colic Mix. In 48 hours we had a new baby. It is liquid gold!”
Bianca (Fitzroy Nth – Melbourne)
“Fantastic! Magic in a bottle. Before my daughter was on it I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage but I am coping better now and my daughter is a little angel.”
Daina (Forest Hill – Melbourne)
“When I was recommended Willby’s Colic Mix by a health professional I was very Skeptical. My first 3 children had colic and I just rode it out. My son has been a much happier and contented baby since I started him on the preparation. I have since recommended this mix to several mums.
Carmel (Ivanhoe – Melbourne)
“I was very nervous before using this product because all the other medications I had used for myself or for my daughter had made things worse due to her multiple sensitivities. I was amazed. It worked straight away. My daughter is much more settled and happier. I know it is still working because when I run out she is very cranky.”
Julie (Rowville – Melbourne)
“It’s been a lifesaver. I couldn’t speak highly enough about it. We have been through a number of bottles now and our daughter is sleeping, feeding and growing
much better now. I only wish we had known about it earlier.”
Adam (Murrumbeena – Melbourne)
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