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To talk to any of our Specialist Pharmacists Call 1300 79 42 32
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Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix is a unique herbal product made by our professional team at our pharmacy. We have been making this product for more than 15 years and thousands of successful bottles tell us that it works to relieve colic symptoms in 90% of babies.

The mix is very different to any commercial products on the market and it is made fresh for every baby and it contains no preservatives.

To purchase on Willby’s Wind and Colic Mix you must first call to talk to one of our qualified pharmacists specialising in wind, colic and reflux on 1300 79 42 32 .  They will take you through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that your baby does have colic and that there are no medical or medicinal complications.  Once we have made our assessment we can advise you whether or not the colic mix can help your baby and we can calculate an appropriate dose. If you are calling outside 9am to 5pm weekdays please leave a message with your name and  number and a suitable time to return your call and we will get back to you. 

Willby's Wind and Colic Mix is AUD $39.95 and it can be sent by courier or express post or picked up from our premises in Croydon.
The mix contains:

Dill - an antispasmodic to reduce the pain of colic. It also helps to prevent gas formation and it is a natural relaxant.

Sodium Citrate – prevents the coagulation of milk into curds, reduces acidity and helps the digestive process.

Belladonna – a herb that has been used for centuries to relieve muscle spasm and reduce stomach acidity.

Willby’s Colic Mix is the only colic treatment with such a strong documented history of successful results so, if you or someone you know has a colicky baby, talk to us today!

If this is your first order of Willby's Wind and Colic Mix you MUST call our specialist team on 1300 79 42 32 to place your order
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